Jama exists to make people's live better by helping them grow their wealth. And keep more of that growth with themselves, by avoiding commissions & hidden fees. We are doing this with a passion to bring a revolution in the personal finance 'industry'. We are pained that many customers get a raw deal from brokers, banks and other advisors.

Commissions worth thousands of crores are paid, but do customers get every penny worth of it? We are breaking the old model with technology that changes the investment process. Makes it simple. No commissions, no high-fees, no conflict of interest. Jama is about simplifying money and growing it for  you. Our model is simple.

1. Eliminate Mutual Fund commissions

Commission is the billion dollar secret of the investment industry! We help you upload your portfolio in minutes, so you will discover if you are being robbed off our hard earned money or not. These commissions will drain your returns over time. Think of a leaky bucket!

2. Show you best places to invest  money

We believe Mutual Funds are the best place to invest your money. We go beyond that and help you select which categories of funds to enter: Are equity funds the best? Should I consider sectoral funds? Should Gold be a part of my portfolio? Do ETFs make sense for now? How to buy tax saving funds (ELSS)?

All this is in Direct Mutual Funds which give you that extra edge of growth.

Tip 1: Insurance is not the best place

We strongly advise our 5000+ clients not to mix insurance with investment! It is a clear choice between ULIPs and MF. And if someone has sold you ULIPs, you should exit after an analysis.

Tip 2: Bank is not the best place to 'keep' your money

A bank should be a clearing desk -  a great place receive money but not the best to invest. If your bank sells you mutual funds, check - are you getting value for the commission they receive.

3. Build a Portfolio

This goes beyond, to help you select the right fund for you. Which fund suits you best, based on your profile. Since equity funds are considered to be higher on risk, how much of equity should you really hold?

And the question that's always asked, how many funds should i hold? How often should i review my portfolio?

4. Trusted Advisory

Building wealth in the long term is about adding the right habits and staying the course. Awareness of how your mind makes choices is important!

We help our advisory clients get clarity on how to plan for various goals, including the biggest one - your retirement. Staying the course means that compounding will work for you, generating wealth in the long run.

All of the above actually requires coaching skills and understanding of human psychology. Do select your advisor carefully -  find out how they make money. A true financial advisor is one who is always on your side and does not have any conflict of interest.


The Team

Ram Kalyan Medury


Ram has worked in CXO roles at Financial & Technology corporates like Infosys & ICICI for 20 years where, he used technology to enable growth and make customers happy. At Jama, Ram loves to educate customers, cut code, blog and build the product. Ram is a PG in Management from IIM Bangalore.


Manoj Trivedi


Manoj has more than 25 years experience in the Financial Advisory & Technology Consulting businesses. He is a rank holding CA, Cost Accountant and Post Graduate in Management from IIM Bangalore.

Satya Koppisetti

Senior Software Engineer

Satya Koppisetti is part of the technology team at Jama. He is a graduate in Computer Science from NIT Calicut. Satya has an eye for cool User Experience design and creative interfaces.

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