6 Investment Advice Tips for a Doctor


Doctors being high-income earners are the target of the financial service industry. They are sold ‘investment products’ with huge hidden costs. What is worse is that because of the commissions, bad products are pushed. Doctors can significantly increase their wealth by investing in zero commission (ie indirect fees) investments and go for a performance fee […]

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5 Reasons Why A Good Financial Advisor Is A Great Investment


Conventional thinking is that only the rich can afford a financial advisor. After all, a financial advisor helps accelerate wealth creation and protect the wealth that has been created.  However, every person in every wealth category will benefit from a financial advisor. After all, what is the objective of wealth? Isn’t it to fund your life goals […]

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12 Point Checklist To Change or Appoint An Investment Advisor


Choosing a right investment advisor could get stressful, more so if you already have an ‘advisor’ and you need to change for any reason. This applies to most people and hence they prefer to be in the ‘default’ mode. Beginners, are somewhat lost on whom to approach for advice. So naturally, whoever has access to the […]

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What To Do When Markets Fall and Mutual Fund NAVs are Down


We are living in interesting times. I wrote last week about the recent mutual fund market correction. Turns out that more action happened last week. Some of the readers wanted more specific action as the observations may have appeared vague. Hence I am penning down some crisp thoughts, which would take you a minute to […]

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When “FREE” Backfires! Busting TWO Common Myths on Mutual Fund Platforms


Let me come straight to the point. Investors of Mutual Fund are being increasingly misled on FREE offerings that leads to a massive rip off on their wealth. In Hindi they say “Lene ke Dene” (ie instead of taking, you end up giving away much more!). Here are two myths about FREE that we need […]

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7 Reasons Why Annuities Are Not Your Best Friend


It is often presented that for creating an income stream, annuities are a great option. They are supposed to work well especially during the retirement years when ‘active’ income dries up. We find out if this is indeed the case, or if there are more efficient ways to get things done. We also compare annuity […]

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