Direct Plan Mutual Funds For Just Rs 100 per month


Here is a handy list of funds that are available for an SIP of just Rs 100. Fund Class 3 Yrs 5 Yrs 10 Yrs Returns Since Launch Link Reliance Hybrid Bond Fund – Direct Plan Growth Plan – Growth Option Hybrid-Conservative 7.8 11.0 11.0 9.8 Reliance Equity Hybrid Fund – Direct Plan Growth […]

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What To Do When Markets Fall and Mutual Fund NAVs are Down


We are living in interesting times. I wrote last week about the recent mutual fund market correction. Turns out that more action happened last week. Some of the readers wanted more specific action as the observations may have appeared vague. Hence I am penning down some crisp thoughts, which would take you a minute to […]

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7 Reasons Why Annuities Are Not Your Best Friend


It is often presented that for creating an income stream, annuities are a great option. They are supposed to work well especially during the retirement years when ‘active’ income dries up. We find out if this is indeed the case, or if there are more efficient ways to get things done. We also compare annuity […]

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