Jama - Financial Planning and Mutual Fund Investment Advisory Platform

Invest in the best direct mutual funds picked by algorithms and experts.

Model portfolio delivered ~ 4% more p.a. than index in last five years.

Earn upto 1.5% extra compared to regular plans (~40% in long run).

Why Investing In Jama Is Different

Build serious wealth over long term

Investing in the best companies with a clean and transparent model will do wonders for your wealth.

Expert research advisory

Our mutual fund algorithms are authored by industry experts, SEBI Registered Advisors and leverage Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.

Track & invest in one place

Use the automated import tool to track all your mutual fund investments, both inside and outside Jamā. Get family holdings too, with their permission.

Invest as per your financial plan

When tied to your risk profile and personal financial plan, investments work smarter. Goals are reached better and faster, giving you peace of mind.

Safe and secure.

We don't touch your money, ever.