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Financial planning and Wealth Management

Financial Planning helps you manage your cash flows to meet your desired Financial Goals. It helps channelising your earnings most efficiently to fuel the lifestyle you desire.

Financial Planning is one of the ways to create wealth, and also consume it leading to a rich life and happiness. While Financial Planning and Wealth Management are both parts of personal finance, wealth management is one of the consequences in the financial planning process.

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Financial Planning is Different From Wealth Management

Wealth management involves capital gains planning, estate planning and risk management. A comprehensive financial plan includes investment planning, risk and cash flow management, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning etc.

3 Ways Financial Planning Is Different From Wealth Management

Wealth Management refers to growth, preservation and accumulation of wealth. It involves identifying growth opportunities and managing the assets.Financial plan helps you allocate your resources and invest your savings to meet your life financial goals.

Financial Planning is suggesting the right investments to meet the desired financial goals and amass wealth while wealth management is executing the asset allocation by investing in various asset class according to the risk profile.

Financial planning is for all, wealth management is usually for the wealthy and high net worth individuals.


Wealth management requires active wealth management. Financial planning is a relatively  passive management of money. Financial planning is advising based upon your financial goals and time horizon, while financial decisions for wealth management are taken based upon your investment portfolio. Consult a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor because this assures you of zero commission, compared to a certified financial planner.

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