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What Is Financial Planning For Children ?

Financial Planning builds a secure future for your Children meeting their financial needs for education, career, marriage and any other special needs.

A children financial plan acts as a blueprint that simplifies decisions about savings and investments for meeting the children financial goals, without affecting your retirement goals. As the saying goes, wear an oxygen mask yourself before assisting your child.

Why is Children Financial Planning important ?

You as a doting parent would ideally like to give your children the best of education, choicest career, a decent lifestyle, a great wedding, a lovely house. A sound children financial plan takes care of the finances required to meet these aspirations and goals based on the realities of your finances.

5 Goals Addressed By A Children Financial Plan?


Child Financial Plan will ensure that you start planning early and your children do not start their career burdened with debt (education loan).

Sports Or Other Career

Sports, art, literature, research, films and other such careers cost a lot. Child Financial Plan is crucial to give financial support to your children’s dreams.

Short Term Expenses

Short term expenses like coaching classes for sports, tuition, or any other form of extracurricular activities demand investments which can quickly liquidate.


Financial planning for children's marriage is a major financial target that every parent needs to achieve.


Children Financial Planning ensures that you are insuranced, made the WILL and have taken care of succession planning in case of an unfortunate event.

5 Steps To Children Financial Planning

Time Span For The Goal

With an imprecise number of years in mind the time span can be decided. More time span better for planning the investment.

Evaluate The Cost

This will depend upon few factors such as education planned abroad or in your country, graduation or post graduation, inflation.

Check Current Financial Situation

Analyse your present financial situation and other financial goals.Determine the balance amount required to meet the goal.

Decide Investment

Channelise the savings towards right investments to meet the finances required to fulfill the goal.

Check the Progress

Review and rebalance the plan on a continuous basis because  changing interests and the career decision becomes clear only when they reach a certain age.


Providing a good future to our children is the wish of every parent and it must not compromised for lack of funds. Consult a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor because this assures you of zero commission, compared to a certified financial planner.