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Financial Planning For Women

Financial Planning by a woman helps in making the family financially stronger and achievement of financial goals easier. Financial planning is also important for a woman to meet her own aspirations and become self reliant.

6 Compelling Reasons For Women Must Make Their Own Financial Plan

Financial Independence and Security

Women should not depend solely on their partners or parents for financial support. Circumstances may change anytime and it is better to be prepared.

Responsibility Shift

With increased awareness and education, women are assuming greater responsibilities. They are managing both home and career.

Women Outlive Men

Life Expectancy for women is more than men. Retirement planning is must to mitigate the financial risk of outliving one’s funds.

Increased Divorce in Society

Many women face the hard reality of separation with possibly children to take care of too. Women have to learn to manage finances independently to run financially secure life.


With changing mindsets and times many women prefer to stay single. They have to handle finances on their own; hence financial education becomes important.

Protection of Family

Sound Financial Planning will ensure that her family is well protected, she can meet her goals and live a comfortable long life.


Women should take the lead as they have a more focussed and practical approach. With their good instinct for expenses they happen be better money managers, for financial well being of the family, women should visualize and plan for her financial goals. Consult a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor because this assures you of zero commission, compared to a certified financial planner.