Financial Planning in India

Financial Planning helps meet your desires and goals to live the life you want. It optimises your investments based on your income and expense patterns.

We stretch our rupee, but often lose up to 70% of our wealth to commission agents, servicing loans, or inefficient taxation. This is where the importance of financial planning comes in.

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What does a Financial Plan include?

A financial plan evaluates your incomes & expenses, assets & liabilities. It charts a roadmap to meet your life goals based on your personal situation. This harnesses money to realize your goals factoring in inflation and taxes.

6 Steps in Financial Planning:

The Financial planning process and has the following steps.

1. Analyse Current Situation

Determine your income, living expenses, savings & investments, assets and loans. Discuss the present and future needs.

2.Plan Your Financial Goals

Develop financial goals with timelines; meet these goals (eg: child education, early retirement) from where you are now.

3. Reduce Financial Risks

Understand your risk profile and make backup plans (eg: what if Sensex cracks 20% when your child is entering college). .

4. Creating the actionable Financial Plan

Optimise your savings. Determine investments to meet the financial goals.

5. Implement Financial Plan

Execute efficiently eliminating commissions and optimising taxes. Use a zero commission and zero brokerage platform with SEBI Registered Investment Advisors

6. Review and Re-evaluate

No plan is cast in stone, with a dynamic environment evolving life needs. Timely reviews keep money working for you!

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Specific Types of Financial Planning

The main types of financial planning are listed below. The six financial planning life cycle stages are applicable to most plans..

Financial Planning for Children’s Education

Financial Planning for Wealth Creation

inancial Planning for Insurance and Protection

Financial Planning for Retirement

Financial Planning for Preserving Wealth

How to start a financial plan?

Starting a financial plan need not be a stressful exercise. Hire a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor to avoid the traps of the financial product salesmen.

RIA works strictly in an unbiased manner. Failing to plan is the same as planning to fail. Do not delay.

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