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There are many types of advisors out to help you with your money. But only a SEBI Registered Investmemt Advisor (RIA) is allowed by the regulator SEBI, to offer financial advice. Check if your advisor is SEBI registered.

Whom would you trust your life with? A certified doctor, a quack or a medicine seller? Similarly for your financial matters, go with a SEBI Registered Invsetment Advisor (RIA).

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How Is a SEBI Reigstered Investment Advisor Differnet From a Certified Financial Planner?

The Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the main regulator for all investments just like Reserve Bank of India is for all banking. In the year 2013, SEBI came up with a landmark regulation that set up strong standards for advisors. This covered education, experience and certification level of the advisors.

RIAs are bound by a code of conduct and cannot be paid by the mutual funds and insurance companies. This keeps the advice unbiased and removes conflict of interest. An RIA acts only in the investor's interest based on their personal risk profile and life needs.

Six Questions Only A SEBI Reigstered Investment Advisor Can Help You Answer

1. Where To Invest? Whom To Trust?

A SEBI Registered Investment Advisor helps you invest in the best performing assets with the least cost. Since the fund houses and producers do not pay the RIA, you Get Honest And Neutral Advice. In the case of mutual funds, this happens to direct plan mutual funds.

2. Where Is My Money Going? Where Is Life Heading?

With a registered investment advisor, you get a complete Financial Plan and De-stress with a full view of all your finances.

You get expert advice on the Right Investment Allocation across all assets and track financial goals such as children education and retirement.

3. How Is My Portfolio Doing? Can I Get A Boost?

Because there is zero conflict of interest, you can get a honest health check on your portfolio to reduce risks of concentration, performance. Cut potential losses because you can identify lemons in time, with rigorous tracking.

4. When, Where And How Much To Invest?

An RIA is like a health & wellness coach for you, on the wealth side of life. You get personalised investment advice and tactical insights: when to invest more, when to get out. By rebalancing in time across asset classes, you get to buy low & sell high.

5. How Come Agents Make More Than Me, On My Money?

The billion dollar secret in personal finance is hidden commissions and brokerages. For instance, regular plans of mutual funds load daily commissions, which compound up to 40% in the long run.

With a trusted investment advisor, you are no longer mis-sold only a few AMCs, or few funds, or close ended funds or Unit Linked Insurance Plans.

6. How Safe is My Money, Data & Holdings With The Platform?

With the increase in free platforms, one has a natural concern on safety of data. How do these 'free' platforms sustain? How do they make money?

If everything is free, then you are the product. If the platform has custody of your cash and units, then very likely you are incurring hidden costs.

With a SEBI RIA, you get the security you want, the protection & privacy you deserve. Because only you pay the advisor a fee, their loyalty is 100% with you. You benefit 2x to 3x with a transparent upfront model aligned to your growth.

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