Scientific Fund Selection
Paperless Transactions
ZERO transaction charges
Instant FREE Switch to Direct Funds
Dashboard to track Investments
Portfolio upto Rs 50,000
Tax Reports for end of year filing*

Price: FREE

Rs 41.50/MONTH
All Basic Plan features +

Unlimited Transactions
Unlimited Portfolio
Expanded Fund Selection
Goal Planning - one goal *
Tax Reports for end of year filing *

Price: Rs 499 / year
payable annually

All Silver Plan features +

Risk profile assessment
Asset allocation based on risk profile
Market Health Alerts
Goal Planning - 3 goals *
Systematic Withdrawal Plans *
Systematic Transfer Plans *
Tax implication alert on all Withdrawals

Price: Rs 99 / month
payable annually


Platinum Plan

Personalised Investment Advisory: Our SEBI Registered Investment Advisers will spend time with you to understand your needs, goals and arrive at a customised Financial Plan for you. You enjoy all Gold Plan features.

Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Personalised Mutual Fund Selection based on Discussion. Covering all investments (MF, Stocks, PPF, EPF, NPS etc)
  • Asset Re-balancing, Fund Performance Review & Consolidation
  • Personalised Goal based financial planning (e.g.: Child’s Education) & Fund selection
  • Retirement Corpus Planning (Your biggest Goal, covering longevity, planning cash flows for life); post retirement financial plan

  • Reduced leakage in terms of commissions, fees, loads.
  • Add this to selection of right funds, can generate additional returns of about 4%-5% compared to category avg returns
Insurance Advisory Services Plan
  • Life Insurance Planning
  • Health Insurance Planning
  • Review of current policies and exit strategy (note: most ULIPs destroy wealth)

  • Some (if not many) Insurance linked investment products are among the biggest wealth destroyers.
  • We help right size insurance for your actual need (not what agent pushes).
  • Exiting old policies after careful analysis improves wealth significantly.
Other Services
  • Tax Planning Advisory
  • Estate Planning (inheritance, will writing etc)

  • Tax Optimisation could lead to significant wealth retention and increase in after tax income.
  • Estate planning helps optimise wealth transition in a clear manner.

Suggested Price: 0.49% of Portfolio, or Customised

•  Total Package Price:  0.49% of portfolio
•  Specific Services available at lesser fees
•  Suitable discounts, based on client context

We guarantee unbiased services as we are a completely neutral platform. Our client’s growth is what excites us (we are not paid by the Mutual Fund companies or Stock Broking platforms)

* feature coming soon
All plans are free upto Rs 50,000 or the first three transactions.
Goods & Services Tax of 18% will be added to the base prices mentioned above.
Jama reserves the right to change the plans and/or the features at anytime without any notice