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How it Works?


1. Tell us more

  • What are you investing for: Grow More Wealth? Safety in Deposits?  
  • Your current exposure to India: Deposits ((NRE / NRO), Mutual Funds etc)
  • Investment Objective
  • 2. Review Quote

  • We send you a price quote, depending on your needs and portfolio complexity.
  • Once you decide, pay the fees on mutually agreed terms.
  • 3. We build a NRI portfolio

  • We'll build you a personalized NRI portfolio.
  • Gain more than FDs in low risk debt mutual funds.
  • Best Equity Funds for Better Growth.
  • Portfolio optimised for regulations, returns, expenses and taxes.
  • 4. We Track The Portfolio

  • We track your portfolio for best returns with smart technology.
  • All action items are tracked with reminders
  • An unbiased SEBI Registered advisor is assigned for ongoing advice.

  • What's Included

      Intelligent Platform
  • Scientific Fund Selection
  • Systematic Plans: SIP, STP, SWP, Smart SIP*
  • Risk Profile & Personalised Funds
  • Asset Allocation Recommendation
  • Market Alerts
  • Family Portfolio
  • Mobile & Webapp

    • Portfolio Advisory
  • Portfolio Structuring   info
  • Smart Switch To Direct info
  • Tax Efficiency of Portfolio
  • Dedicated SEBI Regd Advisor
  • Fund Performance Tracking   info
  • Quarterly Report Cards
  • Portfolio Rebalancing

    • Financial Planning
  • Complete Financial Plan   info
  • Life Insurance Planning   info
  • Health Insurance Planning   info
  • Dedicated SEBI Regd Advisor
  • Life Goal Planning   info
  • Retirement Planning
  • Post-Retirement Income Plan   info

  • The Benefits

    0% Commission = More Profit

  • Trail Commission of upto 1.5% on mutual funds is eliminated
  • Investment & Insurance products with lowest cost structure
  • access_time

    Time & Effort Savings

  • All Direct Mutual Funds in one place. Manage investments with a single platform
  • Periodic fund tracking and replacement suggestions using sophisticated algorithms
  • Zero Bias

  • Honest product selection, always. No close ended funds, or high commission products.
  • SEBI Registered Investment Advisors playing a fiduciary role

  • Why Invest in Direct Mutual Funds With Jama

    Jama - Direct Mutual Funds zero commisions

    Only Direct Plans

    From 30+ AMCs covering 17,000 schemes.
    Single login for all best funds

    Jama - Direct Mutual Funds - Free Mutual Fund Advisor

    Intelligent Algorithms

    Smart mutual fund selection.
    Intelligent portfolio tracking.

    Jama - Direct Mutual Funds - Switch Old Investments

    Switch Old Investments

    Switch to Direct Plan from Regular
    in under five minutes.

    Jama - Direct Mutual Funds - SEBI Registered Advisors

    SEBI Registered Advisors

    Advice from SEBI Registered Investment Advisors.
    They are on your side, not the industry.

    Safe & Secure

    Money exchange directly with MF.
    Jama holds nether units nor money.

    Jama - Direct Mutual Funds- Honest Pricing

    Honest Pricing

    No hidden commissions. No 'FREE' info
    Small upfront fees.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • addCan NRIs invest in Mutual Funds in India?

      Yes, NRIs can invest in Mutual Funds in India. Jama has a curated list of Mutual Funds available based on the country the NRI is based on.

    • addIs there any paper work required?

      Some paperwork may be required by law for the first transaction. We will guide you through the process.

    • addWho will advise me?

      You will get a dedicated SEBI Registered Investment Advisor who will do the planning for you. An RIA is unbiased and is not influenced by the financial service industry.

    • add Do I have to pay taxes in India for any gains made?

      (a.) India has a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with most other countries. For any gains made in India, long term capital gains (LTCG) or short term capital gains (STCG) may be applicable. Please see a ready reckoner
      (b.) Some countries such as USA require the NRI to pay taxes on unrealized gains made during the tax year. Jama helps you with a transaction based report to identify the gains.

    • addCan I get a refund on Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)?

      Yes, if the country you are based in has a DTAA (see above qn) with India, you can claim a foreign tax credit. The fund house will send you a TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) certificate, which can be shown as proof.

    • addIs my money safe?

      Absolutely. We never touch (or pool) your money. The funds transfer via net banking is directly to the Mutal Fund company, from your bank account. When you redeem, money reaches your bank account directly.

    • addAre my mutual fund units/holdings safe?

      Yes. MF holdings are maintained electronically by the Registrar & Transfer Agency. They work for Mutual Fund company and not for us.

    • addCan someone else redeem my holdings?

      No. Any redemption or withdrawal requires your approval (via SMS or email). Your money reaches your bank account directly.

    • addWhat if Jama or I wish to discontinue?

      Jama is built to last, by industry veterans with strong backgrounds. However if you wish to move out of Jama for any reason, you can invest/redeem with the Mutual Fund company directly. Your holdings or money are never kept with us.

    • addDo you support and help me?

      Jama has a helpline 906-914-1025 or you can reach us on email at We are also on FB Messenger and Whatsapp.

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