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How it Works?

1. Import Portfolio In Any of 3 Ways

  • Enter Your Registered Email Id for Mutual Fund Investments above
  • Send an email to switch@jama.co.in
  • If already registered, tap on ‘Import Portfolio’
  • 2. Upload Statement

  • You will receive a statement by email.
  • Forward email to help@jama.co.in or Upload Statement in App
  • 3. Place Switch Orders Instantly

  • Instantly place switch orders in the app.
  • Fully paperless and secure (requires separate approval by you)

  • Why It is Safe & Secure

    Statement of Account

    Statement of Account

    Folio security is maintained by AMC. Units can’t be transferred.

    No Pooling

    No Pooling

    Your invested money is never touched by Jamā. No pooling of your funds.

    Secure Transfers

    Secure Transfers

    Fund transfer is through secure Net Banking

    Secure Redemption

    Secure Redemption

    Any redemption or switch can happen only to your bank a/c. It also requries a 2-factor authentication.

    Tight Controls

    No body else can change bank a/c details on your folio. You must submit a canceled cheque to AMC.

    App Security

    App Security

    App is protected by bank grade security with 2048 bit encryption on servers behind firewalls.

    Our Partners

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Mutual Funds are maintained by the AMC with a Statemnet of Account. Your current broker or wealth manager cannot contorl them. Jama also cannot control them and can only facilitate transactions.

    You can switch all units except if some of them are under lockin. Tax saving funds have a 3 year lockin period. So do some close ended funds.

    Some funds may charge an exit load to deter investors from early exits, usually before 1 year.
    Switching is treated like a redemption and purchase, but it happens in one shot at the Fund House. There may be Short Term Capital Gain Tax payable.
    We can advice you on which units carry exit load or taxes, and compare the benefit of stopping commissions by switching to direct. You can then partially switch units to maximise benefit.

    Your old SIPs have to be separately stopped by informing the bank or broker. You may do it online on their website too.

    You will need to start the SIPs again in Jama in the direct plans of the corresponding mutual funds. Our advisory team can help you assess which SIPs to retain based on your investments and personal investment style.

    Absolutely. We never touch (or pool) your money. The funds transfer via net banking is directly to the Mutal Fund company, from your bank account. When you redeem, money reaches your bank account directly.

    Yes. MF holdings are maintained electronically by the Registrar & Transfer Agency. They work for Mutual Fund company and not for us.

    No. Any redemption or withdrawal requires your approval (via SMS or email). Your money reaches your bank account directly.

    Jama is built to last, by industry veterans with strong backgrounds. However if you wish to move out of Jama for any reason, you can invest/redeem with the Mutual Fund company directly. Your holdings or money are never kept with us.

    Jama has a helpline 906-914-1025 or you can reach us on email at help@jama.co.in We are also on FB Messenger and Whatsapp.

    Why Invest in Direct Mutual Funds With Jama

    Jama - Direct Mutual Funds zero commisions

    Only Direct Plans

    From 30+ AMCs covering 17,000 schemes.
    Single login for all best funds

    Jama - Direct Mutual Funds - Free Mutual Fund Advisor

    Intelligent Algorithms

    Smart mutual fund selection.
    Intelligent portfolio tracking.

    Jama - Direct Mutual Funds - Switch Old Investments

    Switch Old Investments

    Switch to Direct Plan from Regular
    in under five minutes.

    Jama - Direct Mutual Funds - SEBI Registered Advisors

    SEBI Registered Advisors

    Advice from SEBI Registered Investment Advisors.
    They are on your side, not the industry.

    Safe & Secure

    Money exchange directly with MF.
    Jama holds nether units nor money.

    Jama - Direct Mutual Funds- Honest Pricing

    Honest Pricing

    No hidden commissions. No 'FREE' gimmicks
    Small upfront fees.

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