3 Reasons to Switch to Mutual Fund Direct Plans

switch to direct mutual funds

Mutual Funds come in two variants – a regular plan and a direct plan. There are 3 reasons why you must consider direct plans. These are lower cost, good support and most importantly zero conflict of interest.   #1¬† Upto 40% More Long-term Savings There is one major difference between direct plans vs regular plans […]

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8 Secrets Of Long Term Investing

8 secrets of long term investing

Almost everybody agrees with long term investing. It is a no brainer. What do you think? If it is so obvious, how many of us are really long-term investors? How many “long term”¬†investors have actually made decent money by being long-term investors? 1. What is long term investing Thanks to our tax laws, a vast […]

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Ten Key Points Of Retirement Planning In The Mutual Fund Way

tips to retire well

Retirement Planning is my favorite personal finance topic. Why not? It is the mother of all financial goals. If you have sorted out your retirement goal by investing in a well diversified portfolio of direct mutual funds, then technically speaking you do not have to ‘work’ for the rest of your life. Not that you […]

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