Jama - Financial Planning and Mutual Fund Investment Advisory Platform

Manage your wealth with a trusted SEBI Regd advisor, who works only in your interest.

Unbiased (no commission, no brokerage). Secure (money never touched).

Personalised Portfolio Design

Personalised investment selection from direct equity and direct mutual funds based on your goals and risk profile. Asset allocation to suit your style.

Regular Portfolio Reviews

Rigorous tracking of investments. We have your back covered and will act before investments suffer, or opportunities are lost

Portfolio Rebalancing.

Periodic re-alignment with recommended asset allocation. We help you harvest gains and avoid losses.

Wealth Protection

A comprehensive financial plan that advises on the right insurance to protect your family. Assistance on succession planning and will creation.

What we offer

Secure and grow your family wealth with Jamā's honest investment advisory offerings (unbiased because of zero commissions, zero brokerage)