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Clean & Honest Model

Only Direct Plan Mutual Funds

Straight from the Mutual Fund companies. No distributors or brokers.

Zero Commission Forever.

You make 40% more by cutting up to 1.5% yearly commissions.

Zero Bias. Zero conflict of interest

Always on your side. Every decision is for you and not for commissions.

You are not our product

Your information is never compromised for pushing wrong products.

Best Funds For Best Returns

Algo based picks with no bias

Algorithm Based Portfolio Picks. No Manual Intervention.

Wide Choice Of Funds

Choose out of all fund classes, suiting your goals. No restrictions.

Picks revised every month

Markets change, performances change. We revise our picks.

Most Convenient Personal Finance Platform In India

100% Paperless

We ensure that you experience the most simplified and hassle-free smart mutual fund investments

Web & Mobile App

Enjoy single click investments visiting our website or app

Switch to Direct Plans

Invested in regular funds? Not sure what to do? Switch easy to Direct on our platform.

Live Chat Support

We are available live to support you, Call, Email or Wats app.

Import & track all your funds everywhere

See, track and manage all your and family investments at one place.

Systematic Transfer Plans

Easy fix STPs for transfer from one fund to another, follow the glide path

Systematic Withdrawal Plans

Easy fix SWPs to meet your fix income needs

Financial Plans That Make You Rich

Automated Financial Plans

Financial Plans automated, targeted to meet your specific goals

Personalised Financial Plans

One plan doesn't suit all. Get your very own plan customized to your needs.

Track All Non MF Assets

You have invested in other assets too. We enable tracking them here.

Plan & Track budgets

Budget, Spend, Save and Invest. We help you track your budgets.

Investments Tagged To Goals

Each goal has a different timeline, demands investment differently. Tag your investments to your specific goals.

Smart Investment Portfolios That Grow Wealth

Track Fund Performance

Know how good is your money working. Keep an eye.

Review and Rebalance

Visit your portfolio periodically, rebalance if required.

Investment Advisory Services

We advise you on the best investments without any conflict of interest.

SEBI Registered Investment Advisors in the team

We are transparent, we do not advise for earning a commission.

Because you worked hard for your money, your money must work harder for you. Go with a trusted advisor to make it happen.

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